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In Japan, Qooapp is the most used app store instead of the Google Play store. This is the best alternative app store for Google play and it supports both android and iOS operating system versions. It includes the best apps and games and application ads with more interesting features to make the user more flexible and that's why it is known as the best secondary store for millions of users, spread in the country. If you are interested in download Japanese games as well as android games this is the best-recommended option. Now you can download the Qooapp apk file from here and tap on the download button to begin the process.

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Something new with Qooapp

For the game addicts, Qooapp is a wonderful opportunity. If you like something more similar to RPG Japanese style or looking for something new for your smartphone, this is a wonderful application for your Android and iOS.

Can we download Qooapp apk?

We know that Qooapp offers a wide variety of popular news as well as comics. In Japan, this is very famous. But now you can download this app store for your smartphone in any country by following simple tricks. Then you can download those apps stored there with just a simple tap.

What is Qooapp?

In general, Qooapp is one of the app stores that can use as a secondary app store to download apps, games, etc. In Japan, you can use this as the alternative option for Google Play Store. But this is a more advanced app store rather and you can find more facilities, features, rather than any other stores.

Games and apps

This is the most suitable place to downloading apps and games including upcoming games, Chinese games, and other different games for gamers. According to the latest news, those who are in other countries, also get the opportunity for installing Qooapp with games and apps included store.

Here it included multiple download sources for this single game such as play store link, apple app store link, and other direct download links which can use for manual installation. After install Qooapp, you can get apps and games in different categories just with a one-click command to install Qooapp app.

App Name: Qooapp
Recent released Version: 7.8.1 (278)
App Downloads: over 50M+
Size: 20 MB
Supported Android version: Android 4.0+ and above

Qooapp English Apk

In the beginning, the Qooapp is released in the Japanese language. So most of the android lovers outside the country, could not be able to use this app and they even do not care about Qooapp as well. But with the development of the app, now it is available in the English language as well. So outside people get the opportunity now onwards and with that availability, Qooapp gets popular among users.

From this website now you can directly download the Qooapp apk file and it takes just only a few seconds to complete the process of install Qooapp apk. So now millions of users in the world get the opportunity to simply install this amazing app store, download multiple game versions for your smart android.

A free app that gives quick access to interesting Japanese games and comics

QooApp is the best way to get access to popular Japanese games and comics after successfully complete the installation of the English version. Then you can try several apps, including game apps, moded game apps, comics, etc.

Japanese-exclusive games with Qooapp

qooapp apk

QooApp is similar to the platform of GOG.com downloader or the Steam downloader platform. Here you can download games that are limited to Japan, through this application. So Qooapp is the only option, that users can easily download games and play Japanese anime games, popular old Japanese games, new games that were released recently before world-wide releases. It is possible to download all mobile phones, consoles, PC devices although the Google Play store support only mobile devices.

Qooapp-Simple-yet-effective for gaming

QooApp comes with a user-friendly interface. Here you can search for many applications and use the search bar to search apps. Gamers can easily gain access to Japanese anime games via a suitable method and here it is completely insecure.

Malware issues

If you are worried about malware issues, keep in mind this will not such a harmful app that stands alone for downloading, playing interesting Japanese games.

Downloading QooApp- Pre-Requirements

  • Android OS:
  • An Android 4.0 or upper update.

  • VPN servers:
  • This can use to change the current location / change the original location. You have to change it to Japan or China. Then you can Download QooApp.

  • No VPN:
  • QooApp Apk can use to direct Install the app without using a VPN.

  • iOS:
  • iOS 7 or upper update.

  • Network connection:
  • Good and stable internet connection.

  • RAM space:
  • It is necessary to play Anime games.

  • Unknown Sources option:
  • As necessarily you have to enable the Unknown Sources option.

Features of QooApp

  • Play over 3000 Anime games.
  • Similar to Games Store.
  • Qooapp English version available.
  • An optimized comic section.
  • Fix some bugs, errors from older versions when moved to new and ability to create the new version.
  • Ability to enjoy childhood Anime characters.
  • Play Anime games such as Naruto, Saint Seiya, One Piece, Dragon Ball, etc.
  • Download Anime Games directly from this Japanese Games App Store.

Download Qooapp

Download Qooapp APK

Install QooApp Apk on your android device /Smartphones

Download QooApp Apk for your smart Android devices and then you can easily install the Apk file by following just simple instructions. Finally, you can download over 3000 Anime games as well as other games for your Android for free. There is no need to pay any payments. The QooApp is completely a safe way. So let's see how to continue this process.

QooApp Download for Android

QooApp APK gives up the freedom to download newly released hot games from Japanese countries, China, as well as Korea. As above mentioned, it is safe to use because here it downloads games directly from the Google Play Server.

Now you can try the below steps to easily continue the download process of QooApp on Android:

play japanese anime games
  1. In the beginning, you have to download the application from the internet. Here you can use this website to download the application. Tap on the download button, then it will start downloading. Wait several seconds until the download process is completed.
  2. Then you have to enable the unknown sources option. For that, Open device settings> Open security settings> then enable unknown sources option.
  3. Now you have to open the device downloads folder. Select the downloaded Qooapp apk file and tap on it to install.
  4. Here you have to accept the app terms and conditions. Tap on Agree to accept them and continue the process.

Now you have to wait seconds and after several seconds, it will successfully install on your smartphone. Then open the app, select the language as most of them run on Japanese or Chinese as default. Select English and use it!

Download QooApp for your PC

You can easily install Qooapp for your PC. Here you have to use an android emulator first. then use the downloaded QooApp apk file to continue the process. Although this is different from mobile installation, it is easy. You can easily install it and open Qooapp on PC to get more benefits.

Download QooApp for iOS

Through the iTunes store, users can download QooApp for iOS. Here,

  1. Open your iPhone > iTunes Store.
  2. Sign Out from the user's old Apple ID.
  3. Create a new ID. Then set the location. Set it as Japan.
  4. Open the App Store. Search QooApp for iOS.
  5. The app will appear on the screen.
  6. Click and begin the downloading process.
  7. When the download is completed, open it. Now you can download new games.

Here you have to create a new account by setting the related location. This process is similar to Mac devices via iTunes Store.

Download QooApp APK Free

Download QooApp